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Pickaway County Initiatives

As our county changes, initiatives change and additional challenges may be addressed.  The core values of Pickaway County Community Foundation are exemplified with these initiatives. 

Helping Our Community

Our Current Initiatives


The Leadership for Tomorrow fund dedicates itself to make sure tomorrow’s leaders are confident in decision-making roles to help lead the way for Pickaway County’s future success.


PCCF Agriculture raises awareness of local commodities and opportunities in our county, helps current farmers maintain and transfer wealth within their family (and county) and works with educational institutions to prepare students to enter the agricultural workforce.

Inspiration Station

The PCCF’s Inspiration Station is a community resource to stimulate imagination exploration in a safe environment. The Inspiration Station will provide experiences that can’t be had anywhere else in the county, allowing for an aggressive approach to taking people beyond their everyday life.

Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

100+ Women Who Care