All online credit card payment donations are processed by the Pickaway County Community Foundation and deposited into the fund account.

More Ways to Give

Donate by Check

Please include a completed Giving for the Future form with your check or money order.nPlease make payable to:
nPickaway County Community Foundationn770 North Court Street
nCircleville, OH 43113

nPlease include the name of the fund you are supporting in the memo field.

Stock Gifts

Gifts of stock can include individual stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares. We will work with your financial planner to help bring your charitable goals to life with a plan that maximizes your tax benefits. Giving shares of appreciated stock, mutual funds, bonds, and other securities often translate to significant tax benefits. Generally, you can deduct contributions of appreciated shares held for more than one year at market value, regardless of cost basis. You do not typically incur any capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

nPCCF can help you with the process to gift your stock through a financial representative.

Kroger Community Impact

Every time you shop on Kroger, they will donate a portion of the sale to us when you select PCCF as the recipient using our PCCF Reward Number RT199.

Amazon Smile

Every time you shop on Amazon, they will donate a portion of the sale to us when you select Pickaway County Community Foundation as the recipient.

Real Estate Gifts

Your gift of real estate will make a difference in the future of Pickaway County, and your options are surprisingly flexible. You may be able to make a gift of an entire piece of property or a remainder interest in a personal residence or farm u2013 all with tax benefits to you. Typically, the full fair market value of your property is deductible as a charitable contribution but talk to your financial advisor for guidance.

nPCCF has experience in real estate gifts and can assist in a process that makes it beneficial to all involved.

Honor & Memorial Gifts

Honor the memory of a family member, friend, or beloved community member with a memorial gift to the Pickaway County Community Foundation in their name. Itu2019s a meaningful way to celebrate and continue a loved oneu2019s legacy.

nWhether you want to begin a fund or make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one, PCCF is able to help you with that and sends acknowledgements to the honoree or their family.

Gift Planning

Planned gifts empower you to make a significant impact on Pickaway County while maintaining your financial flexibility. Planning an estate gift allows you to leave a legacy of generosity that will last well beyond your lifetime.

nPCCF works with you and your professional advisor to create a letter of intent that outlines the specifics of how you would like your planned gift handled to continue that legacy beyond your lifetime.

Support a Brighter Future


Participating in our Give365 Campaign will provide PCCF with the ability to continue to be a trusted community partner leading impactful change and providing additional resources that enhance change in Pickaway County. A simple pledge of $1 a day (or more if you can) allows you to be part of the initiatives that will continue to move the Pickaway County Community Foundation forward to advance its mission.

Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition

PAACu2019s mission is to develop, implement, evaluate and sustain Pickaway County-wide efforts to prevent drug abuse, addiction, overdose and death of our citizens.

Ruth Neff D.A.R.E. Support Fund

Ruth Neff/D.A.R.E. Support Fund has been created to honor the work of Ruth Neff, who served as Pickaway County Commissioner. Mrs. Neff was instrumental in the establishment of D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in Pickaway County Schools in 1990. The D.A.R.E. program is presented by the Pickaway County Sheriffu2019s Office.

Pickaway Agriculture and Event Center

This fund was created to support the revitalization of the Pickaway County Fairgrounds. The mission of this fund is u201cHonoring Our Heritage Supporting Our Youth, Providing For The Futureu201d.

Imagination Library Fund

This fund was created to support the implementation of the Imagination Library in Pickaway County. Each child participating in the Imagination Library program receives one book a month until the age of five, through collaboration with the Dolly Partonu2019s Imagination Library.

Community Impact Fund

This fund was created to support the community grant making of the Pickaway County Community Foundation. All contributions to this fund are used to support grants given in Pickaway County.

Mike Harrison Park Fund

Mike Harrison was a founding board member and a visionary leader for the Pickaway County Community Foundation whom passed away in 2004. This fund was established to honor his memory and to support the development and maintenance of the Mary Virginia Crites Hannan Park in Circleville.

Food Insecurities Fund

In 2020, the Pickaway County Community Foundation began the Food Insecurities Fund to support many local food needs throughout Pickaway County during the pandemic. This fund continues to support the local food pantries throughout the county.

Community Health Fund 211

The Pickaway County Public Health Department began this fund to support Pickaway County. This system allows the People of Pickaway County to receive referrals from dialing 2-1-1 or online.

Parkinson Fund

This fund was created to serve patients and families of Pickaway County by aiding and supporting people dealing with the effects of Parkinsonu2019s Disease.

Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council is a group of young people dedicated to effective grantmaking, fund development and philanthropy in Pickaway County. This fund assists with their on-going development and grant making.

Pickaway County Visitation Fund

The Pickaway County Visitation Fund was created to support the expenses occurred by the Visitation Center which provides a safe environment for children to visit with adults from which they have been separated due to to difficult situations.

Friends of the Pickaway Parks and Trails

This fund was created to support the creation, maintenance and enhancement of all Pickaway County parks and trails.

Ashville Community Foundation

The Ashville Community Foundation Fund was created to support the creation, maintenance and the enhancements of the parks and trails in Ashville, Ohio as well as any other areas of interest in the Ashville Community.

Pickaway County Bar Association

The Pickaway County Bar Association Fund was created to support interests that benefits Pickaway County and the surrounding areas.

Well-Being Fund

The intent of the Well-Being Fund is to advance the overall well-being of the Pickaway County Community, including the areas of physical well-being, mental well-being, social welfare, safety and community development that are focused on the greater social good.

Ted Lewis Park Fund

The Ted Lewis Park Fund was created to support the revitalization and maintenance of Ted Lewis Park.

Circle of Caring Fund

The Circle of Caring Fund was created to support the equipment, supplies and other expenses in conjunction with the building of ramps for those who need them.

Pickaway County Conservation Fund

The Pickaway County Conservation Fund was created for the purpose of furthering the land and water conservation in Pickaway County. Areas of focus include education restoration, stewardship and expansion of conservation land owned by Appalachia Ohio Alliance in Pickaway County.