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Remembering Doris Yamarick

A smiling Doris Yamarick is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and light blue shirt.

PCCF and the community lost one of the co-founders of the Foundation.

In 2001 Doris Yamarick and Shirley Bowser started PCCF. They wanted a foundation dedicated to serving Pickaway County with support for family farmers, parks to bring people together and education for young people. The plan they set in place has grown into a foundation that is $12 million dollars strong. A fund of this foundation includes the Yamarick Family Fund which Doris had been adamant about this being used to provide grants. At 91, Doris still served on the grants committee and was seen at every event PCCF had from shooting a shot gun to enjoying a style show. The Yamarick Family Fund will continue to provide grants along with other PCCF funds to make sure that the vision that Doris shared continues. Donations to the Yamarick Family Fund can be made by contacting PCCF. Thank you Doris for your part in a dream for the future!