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PCN Education Award

The PCN Education Fund, a subsidiary of the Pickaway County Community Foundation, is excited to announce a $4,000.00 grant to Pickaway HELPS. The award is specifically directed to the Pickaway WORKS initiative.

Pickaway WORKS’ goal is to bridge the readiness and awareness gap between students and the workplace. A true collaboration among community, business and education, Pickaway WORKS has begun to build partnerships that create relevant pathways and career opportunities for students, help meet workforce demands of local employers and strengthen the economic stability of our community. We are working to holistically engage schools and employers in relevant problem-solving opportunities that provide purpose and life-long learning in our community.

This mission of the Pickaway WORKS initiative goes hand-in-hand with that of the PCN Education Fund. The PCN Education Fund’s mission is to aide in the creation and retention of an educationally sound and viable locally sourced workforce by establishing connections between the employers and the educational institutions in the greater Pickaway County area.

This award will go a long way to assist with eliminating barriers to educational programming beneficial to the entire Pickaway County community. The PCN Education Fund Committee is looking forward to continuing such partnerships that will support all of the county schools in developing innovative educational initiatives and connecting educators and business owners. We want to ensure that we are all partners in educating the workforce of tomorrow.