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PCCF Salutes PCN’s New Fellows Graduates

The Pickaway Competitiveness Network, part of the Pickaway County Community Foundation, has introduced the 2016 graduates of its Pickaway Fellows program – part of PCN’s ongoing effort to help develop established and emerging leaders for elected, appointed, and philanthropic leadership in the county.

“The PCN board and volunteers, and importantly, Advisory Board Chair Sereana Dresbach, continue to do an outstanding job of providing a program that is essential to Pickaway County’s future. Key to the county’s growth, development and ‘livability’ is access to and involvement of a corps of leaders who are prepared to assume key roles in organizations, boards, and elected offices – leaders who are well grounded and committed to making a difference in the lives of people living and working here,” stated Dan Litzinger, Chair of PCCF. “Over the past few years PCN has taken on that challenge and the results show that the training has been striking. Many, actually most, of the fellows PCN has graduated in the past are already serving on boards or in consequential elected posts,” he added.

The program, he explained, is designed to offer those selected a broad-based overview the various federal, state, and local networks of offices and agencies, development of community leadership knowledge and skills, and strategies on how they can be invested in the ever changing economic circumstances, cultural needs, civic responsibilities, interests, and expectations found here. It includes “several single day sessions in Pickaway County but also incorporates visits and discussions in Columbus and a working trip to Washington, D.C. to help frame opportunities, size up hurdles, and open up networks and contacts,” explained Litzinger.

The Fellows Program has been given many acclamations but perhaps the finest measure of its success has been what has resulted from PCN’s hard work. The new graduates will join 33 other Pickaway Fellows who now hold 45 elected and/or appointed positions county-wide. 

The Pickaway County Community Foundation salutes the 2016 Fellows and cheers them on as they begin to assume leadership positions in organizations and in government that will define, shape and build our county and its future.