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PCCF Grant Award to ‘Touched by Cancer’ holds promise (and no small measure of relief) for Pickaway County residents diagnosed with the disease

When the grant application was received, a few of the Grants Committee members already knew about the concept. A number of the board members who unanimously approved the committee’s recommendation for funding also understood the debilitating impact of cancer and were familiar with the number of Pickaway County cancer patients who have fought the disease.

It is a somewhat of a shocking figure to comprehend. An average of 285 new invasive cases of cancer were diagnosed each year from 2008 to 2012. There was an average of 148 males and 137 females who annually faced what would likely be the biggest challenge of their lives. 

Two close friends, one of whom was a cancer survivor herself, had been working on ways to relieve some of the angst, pain, troubling concerns, and uncertainty that almost always accompanies a cancer. P.J. Tosca, a licensed massage therapist, and Sharon Jeanneret, a local yoga instructor, were positive that their skills could lend a hand and bring comfort as well as relief to cancer patients.

‘Touched by Cancer’ was born and as was the art of providing comforting and stimulating massage to relieve stress, add flexibility, and comfort from some of the side effects of medical treatments. Coupled with yoga’s documented impact on issues such as improving sleep, limiting pain, reducing fatigue, halting some nausea they were sure they could provide a much needed touch for those inflicted by the disease. If offered together, the two Pickaway County professionals knew that the concept would be effective. Their lingering concern was the cost associated with cancer already placed a financial burden on anyone going through the confrontations required.

So, ‘Why not offer it for free to anyone in Pickaway County faced with cancer?” After researching available grants they submitted an application to the Foundation.

“This was a very moving and inspirational grant request in many ways,” said Dan Litzinger. “And with the help of the Yamarick Family Fund, we were easily convinced that the entire $5,200 should be awarded. The Grants Committee, whose members extend our reach out into the community, were very positive, very certain, and very supportive of the proposal. It was a satisfying Grant to be associated with and one PCCF feels very good about making,” he added.

To contact Touched by Cancer, email or call 614-736-0483.