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Circleville High School “Bronze Tiger Statue” Fundraising Campaign

Circleville Tiger Statue example

This Bronze Tiger Campaign is Alumni’s most ambitious fundraiser and we hope to involve every single person who has walked the halls of Circleville Schools. This gateway to the school campus will greet the community for hundreds of years. We encourage you to dig deep for a generous gift. For $500 or more, you will receive permanent membership to the Alumni Association. All others will count as your dues for this year. This campaign will run through most of 2024 so if you’d like to divide a donation between 2023 and 2024, just let us know.

Monument Stats

  • 7-foot Fighting Tiger: Bronze statue defending and welcoming.
  • STANDING ON 2 feet square of Bronze Books engraved with top donor names.
  • PLACED ON a 4-sided, 6-foot-long Black Granite tower engraved with “Tiger Country”.
  • Impressive? Yes! The greatest gift to our future!
Circleville Tiger Statue example

Alumni Now Asking For Your Gift

OUR GOAL is to completely fund the BRONZE TIGER STATUE with gifts from Circleville High School graduates to current and future students.

The Tiger in the Roundabout was the inspiration of Alumni Club members and has been developed for the last eight years. Now is the time to move forward and give a gift back to the students of Circleville. The Bronze Tiger will be a welcoming presence as students, staff, the community, guests, and alumni come to the school campus.

Gifts & Recognitions

Diamond – $10,000

Bronze – $5,000

Gold – $3,000

Silver – $1,000

Tiger Roar – $500

Red & Black Tiger – $100

Tiger Paws – $1 – $99

Questions? Contact Us!

Send An Email To:
Patty Ankrom Truex Kara (740) 601-0077
Valentine Davis (740) 601-2155

Bronze Tiger Campaign Brochure