PCCF Issues $39,000 in Grants During Second Quarter 

PCCF Issues $39,000 in Grants During Second Quarter

The Pickaway County Community Foundation was once again able to facilitate in-person grant presentations this quarter. The purpose of these presentations is to provide donors with an in-depth understanding of what grant applicants intend to do with donations. Subsequently, $39,000 in grants were able to be presented by PCCF during the second quarter of the year. 

Compassion Furniture Bank 

Compassion Furniture Bank’s Bed Project received $6,500 worth of grant awards. The money was a culmination of donations from the PCCF, the Scott and Mona Family Fund, and the Sutton Family Fund of the PCCF. The goal with these awards is to provide beds and mattresses to both families and individuals of Pickaway County struggling to furnish their homes due to adversity and/or poverty. 

Pickaway County Pathways Program 

The Pickaway County Pathways Program received $3,500 in grant allocations this quarter. This donation came from the PCCF, the Scott and Mona Family Fund, and the Sutton Family Fund of PCCF. They provide youth in Pickaway County with a culinary arts program that offers a creative learning space. This allows youth to focus on academic and social emotional skills in a modified learning environment. 

American Red Cross of South-Central Ohio 

The American Red Cross of South-Central Ohio plans to utilize their $2,000 in grant allocations from the PCCF’s Well Being Fund to raise awareness of the blood donation’s role in fighting cancer. They plan to host multiple drives to encourage participation in our community. 

Uptown Circleville 

Uptown Circleville was awarded $14,000 for a revitalization project. The funds will be used to erect a town clock in order to inspire residents and tourists to invest their time into Circleville. The clock may also serve as a marketing tool for local businesses to attract customers. 

The Pickleball Association 

The Pickleball Association plans to utilize their $2,000 in grant awards for the construction of two new pickleball courts to be located at Barthelmas Park, which is located at 830 Kingston Pike, Circleville. They hope the construction will inspire physical activity for all ages. 

Ronald McDonald House of Charities 

Ronald McDonald House of Charities was the recipient of $3,000 in grant funds from PCCF’s Well Being Fund, for their Helping Hands Program. Their mission is to support programs that increase the health and well-being of children and their families. 

Pickaway County Community Action 

Pickaway County Community Action received $7,000 in additional support for their Wheels to Work program. The funds will assist income-eligible applicants enrolled, employed, or in school to earn money to purchase a vehicle. Participants must complete budgeting and financial literacy programming as part of the program.