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2018 Thanks for Giving

Last night, over 100 people attend the Thanks for Giving event held in conjunction with #GivingTuesday at the Pickaway County Community Foundation Center for Philanthropy. 

This opportunity brings together donors and recipients. Attendees were treated with a “Year in Review” presentation by Executive Director, Jan Shannon. Following the year in review, the Pickaway Competitive Network Agriculture Fund presented the Logan Elm FFA with a grant for $2,000 for their work with the Farm to Plate. Steve and Judy Gary presented a grant to PICCA for Toys for Tots, as well as did Larry Lewis from the Circleville Pickaway Corporation. Bob Sneed presented a grant of $1,000 for Foundaitons4Youth, which was donated by an anonymous donor. 

Following these planned presentations, it was announced that there were some “surprise” grants that were to be given. The following is a summary of the grants that were given.

South Bloomfield United Methodist Church, Women Who Care

PCCF Grant Committee member Doris Yamarick and Committee Chair, Bob Sneed presented The South Bloomfield United Women Who Care with $1,000 from the Yamarick Family Fund and the PCCF unrestricted fund. This program provides weekend packs to students in the Teays Valley School District which contains about 8 meals. All the cans have pull top lids and are easily accessible for youth. Last year the group provided 2,125 weekend packs. This school year they anticipate providing 92 packs per weekend. PCCF is pleased to present a grant to them in the amount of $1,800. Additionally, they are received a donation from Steven and Judy in the amount of $200. 

Imagination Library Grant

PCCF awarded $1,000 to the Imagination Library Fund. This event was the official public rollout of the Imagination Library Fund. The Imagination Fund is a partner with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library which is a book gifting program that delivers hardback books to children from birth until age 5. Children will receive one book per month. This program will be used to help develop a love of reading in Pickaway County children and to promote the importance of reading in childhood development. The Pickaway County Library and other dedicated community partners recognize both the critical nature of literacy and preliteracy skills, and the impact of providing regular access to age-appropriate books. 

Rose Vargo McFarland presented David Fausnaugh, the Director of the Pickaway Public Library with the PCCF grant in the amount of $1,000 and the Fund also received an additional $1,000 grant from an anonymous donor. 

5th Grade Class from Logan Elm                  

The Pickaway WORKS program partnered with our county schools to assist the schools in their endeavor of become more adept at problem-based learning. As a result of this planning and collaboration, Amy Colburn, curriculum director at Logan Elm Schools, invited Roxan Sigmon and Damita Kniceley from Ohio Means Jobs to their staff development day on August 14th to be matched up with a teacher in helping their class with a Problem Based Learning initiative. They were matched with Ms Jane Snodgrass’ class at Saltcreek Intermediate School. The students themselves identified a problem and presented it to Roxan and Damita at the kickoff meeting. The students wanted to work on solving the issue of “nothing to do” for youth. They brainstormed ideas around how to solve the problem of no public swimming pools, movie theatres, etc. The final consensus from the students was to work on trying to solve the issue of no game room locally. The students then discussed their ideas, have had in guest speakers including Mayor McIlroy and representatives from Foundations4Youth and have made phone calls, checked out costs of real estate places for the game room, created a blue print of the layout, looked at the costs involved in running the game room , and have wrapped their arms around this “problem” and have thoroughly impressed the adult consultants that have met with them. Based on their tenacity, desire and eagerness to solve this issue, the PCCF Board has decided to pledge to them up to $500 on any expenses they encounter between now and the end of the 2018-19 school year during the planning stage of this process, should they decide to delve into this issue even further. Natalie Blue presented the students on hand with a certificate for the pledge.


The Pickaway Addiction Action Coalition (PAAC) was established late in 2015. This community coalition is a multi-strategy, county-wide effort to prevent drug abuse, addiction and overdose deaths among the citizens of Pickaway County. The Coalition Board is comprised of sixteen leaders from the fields of health care, addiction services, education, law enforcement, media and government. Its overarching mission is to provide community awareness and engagement, family-based support and education for those affected by addiction as well as access to education and support to incarcerated individuals

affected by addiction. Matt Tootle presented Layne Good with Berger Health System, the PAAC grant in the amount of $1,000.

Emergency Clearing House

The goal of the Emergency Clearinghouse is to provide as needed, once a calendar month, safe and quality nutritional food assistance to eligible residents of Pickaway County. Last year the pantry provided over 265,110 meals, serving 17,674 clients. This is a monthly average of just over 22,092 meals, many of which are going to families living paycheck to paycheck, just trying to make ends meet. The Pantry aims to connect to those in need and last year the pantry saw an increase of just over 6% of eligible new households. The Emergency Clearinghouse is solely volunteer based with every dollar donated going back into the bellies of food insecure families in Pickaway County!

In addition to the $1,000 PCCF is granted the Emergency Clearing House, they also received a grant from the Chris Gary Memorial in the amount of $1,000. Both grants were presented by Steve and Judy Gary. Additionally, Larry Lewis from the Circleville Pickaway Corporation presented a check for $3,500 to the Emergency Clearing House.

211 System

2-1-1 is a special abbreviated telephone number reserved in Canada and the United States as an easy-to-remember three-digit telephone number meant to provide personalized community information. The Pickaway County General Health District on behalf of Pickaway Partners for Community Health Improvement has been working to bring an enhanced 2-1-1 service to Pickaway County. This comprehensive information and referral service will be available to Pickaway County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This service will provide a much-needed centralized database, and website of information for our county. Alan Sutton from the PCCF Board presented a grant of $1,000 to Jimmie Davis, Deputy Health Commissioner, to assist in the kick off of this endeavor. Additionally, US Bank, Circleville Branch Manager, Brad Washburn was on hand to present a grant of $1,000 from the US Bank Directors Fund to the 211 project. 

Community Kitchen at the Presbyterian Church

The Community Kitchen serves between 35-80 meals on the nights that they serve. Many of those served are males seeking food. The services are a complete volunteer-based service and many organizations and businesses help serve. Bob Sneed presented the grant for $500 to Alice Harker with the Community Kitchen. 

Logan Elm High School

Logan Elm High School junior Liz Paul, had a vision to feed her peers that did not have enough food. With the support of her principal and others at LE Schools, Liz Paul has organized a food supplement program at Logan Elm and coordinates this program herself. In recognition of this Logan Elm juniors hard work, PCCF is presenting $300 to Logan Elm Schools to be used for this initiative. Jerry Leist presented this award to Logan Elm Board Member, Michael Linton. 

Circleville High School

PCCF Board member Jessica Mullins is assisting with this next grant.

Circleville High school does not have a food back pack program; however, what they do have is a program to provide shoes and clothes to students in need. This began as a collaboration program called CLOTHES with Crosswoods this year. Jessica Mullins presented a grant to Circleville City Schools to for $300 to be used for this program. 

Westfall CARES

PCCF Board member Michael Linton will be assisting in the final presentation tonight.

Westfall CARES began in March 2017 when co-founders Kathy Fausnaugh and Lisa O’Neill asked for other to join them to find help for Westfall students in need of basic resources. The group sends home the weekend backpacks, as well as food boxes for extended holidays from school. Westfall CARES serves 50+ students with this assistance. Kathy Fausnaugh and Lynn Johnson were in attendance from Westfall CARES to receive this $300 grant from Michael Linton.