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The Big Table

Nearly 80 community members participated in Pickaway County’s Big Table events held August 29th throughout the county. This event was in conjunction with the Big Table event held by the Columbus Foundation, Inc. The Big Table brought together people from all aspects of the county communities. Nonprofits, business leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, education leaders, and people with a passion for this county. 

Participants discussed the best things about our county and how we can use them to build a stronger more connected county. The needs and step that we can take to attain the things we are lacking. Participants also discussed how can we spread more kindness throughout the county?  The goal was to learn from others by listening, sharing, and networking. 

Following the Big Table event, the ideas and notes will be compiled by the Pickaway County Community Foundation and shared with the Columbus Foundation, Inc, all participants at the event as well as any additional community members who would like to have access to the data. The goal is to work together as a community to identify potential solutions for avenues of change and improvement and impact the county by change. 

The Big Table in Pickaway County had three different sessions and the locations were:  Circleville, Ashville and Williamsport. The event was a coordinated effort by the Pickaway County Community Foundation, Berger Health Foundation, Ohio Christian University, United Way of Pickaway County, Haven House, Circleville City Education Foundation, Brown Memorial, and the Pickaway County Library.