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PCCF Grants William Scott Memorial Contributions to Westfall Education Foundation

Caring about a community is more than just where you live, raise your family or work. It is about what that community means to someone or the impression it has left. William Scott was born in Waverly, Ohio and graduated from Waverly High School. He got his undergrad degree from Dennison University and his Masters from the Ohio State University. Mr. Scott’s first wife, Jody, who was from Upper Arlington, was a first grade teacher. Mrs. Scott was passionate about her students’ learning and a dedicated educator. The Scotts were goodfriends of Shirley and the late Cliff Bowser of Williamsport. Being from southern Ohio, Mr. Scott always enjoyed hearing about Pickaway County from the Bowsers. Shirley shared with them the progress being made by the Community Foundation. He must have always felt that Pickaway County was a progressive area and undoubtedly shared those stories with his family. Upon his death in February of this year, his daughter, Meg Scott Best, asked that the memorial donations be made to the Pickaway County Community Foundation. Neither Mr. Scott or his family ever lived or worked in Pickaway County, but he grew up in southern Ohio and always appreciated the hard work and efforts being made by others to make it a better place to live, work and raise a family. Through the generosity of his friends and colleagues, donations were received by PCCF.

Upon consideration, it was decided that the funds should be granted to the Westfall Education Foundation on behalf of William Scott. The purpose of the Westfall Education Foundation is to support the development and implementation of school improvement initiatives, model programs, award grants and scholarships, and leverage community resources to support, strengthen, and improve public education in the Westfall Local Schools. The Foundation will provide residents of the district, the extended Westfall Local Schools community, and others the opportunity to partner with the Westfall Local Schools Board of Education and the Westfall Local Schools in a common goal of improving public education. The outcome of this collaboration will be high quality educational initiatives designed to meet the needs of Westfall Local Schools’ students, as identified by the school district and the individual schools.

More information about the Westfall Education Foundation may be obtained by visiting You may contact the Westfall Education Foundation or donate via mail at PO Box 83, Williamsport, Ohio 43164 or via email at or by phone at 740-273-1933