Leadership for Tomorrow Fund Accomplishments

This program has meant so much to me and our Village of Williamsport already. Not only was it great for leadership skills but also the connections I was able to make that I'm not sure I would have made without the program. The impact this program is having just for me and the Village is amazing. From our Deercreek Dam Days Festival to Village affairs, the impact is so positive and I'm so excited to see what opportunities lay ahead as a result of this program.

I know one of my favorites was the session at OCU on how to speak to the media. That was not only a fun lecture but very interesting and informative. My other favorite portion was the trip to Washington DC. To be able to spend four days with this group of fellows, get to know them while at the same time getting an inside look at our federal government was beyond words. I had such a blast in DC getting to meet everyone we met and just really see our government.

The idea I had in my head of what this program would entail was blown completely out of the water. It was so much more than I ever expected, I am so glad I had the opportunity to go through this. I can't thank those enough for allowing me this opportunity and the hard work and dedication everyone puts into this amazing program.

--- Edward P. Cox

Being a part of the PCN Fellows Program will always be one of the most fulfilling experiences I have been a part of. I have built relationships that will last a lifetime, walked through doors I was only comfortable knocking on, and been equipped with the tools to serve, lead and walk hand in hand with those who share the same passions. I have moved from a place of observing to a habitation of being empowered. I am excited about the opportunities that await me and cherish every lesson I have learned from this experience.

--- Jama Cobb

The most compelling aspect of the Pickaway Leadership Fellowship to me, is how it brings together both current and aspiring leaders with various—often disparate—backgrounds, interests and passions and then provides us the context to realize that these different perspectives are not insurmountable obstacles in the way of achievement, but rather the friction one needs to travel toward progress.

--- J.R. Liston

The Pickaway Fellowship Program is a smart proactive approach to educating and developing its future leaders. The program enhanced my view of all levels of government as well as how to improve my current leadership role. While I appreciated all of the programs put in front of me, I truly took advantage of the programs that immediately affected my current position: Dealing with the media, community collaboration, public meetings. I am already taking what I learned out in real life situations - Being proactive with news stories - get your story out first, cooperating with private entities to promote development in the City. Taking on opportunities on future board openings will enhance my experience while utilizing various skills presented to me.

A lot of quotes crossed my path which reflect on me in my future leadership roles:

• Good leadership is invisible, bad leadership is obvious.
• Progress isn't a destination, it is a journey.

--- Nathan Anderson

I feel that a good leader performs service and understands that it is an important aspect of life. The Fellows experience has made me realize the greatness of service and has encouraged me to perform more in the future. It has made me think about what I am giving back to a community that is giving me so much and will continue to give me so much after the program is over. As a result, I plan to really get more involved in the service aspect of leadership. It is great to head an organization, but it is just as great to give back as well. I think service is a way to enrich the soul and I thank the Pickaway Leadership Fellows program for allowing me the opportunity to realize this.

--- Andrew Binegar

The Pickaway Fellows program has opened my eyes to the collaboration and comradeship needed to lead a community. Without real and genuine relationships, we are operating in silos which often lead to failed projects and missed opportunities. Being a part of this program has reignited a spark inside me for public policy. While a career change is not in my immediate future, I can sense the desire and passion for making a difference in and for education later in life.

My favorite part of the program was the trip to Washington DC. Since many of us traveled to and from together, it gave us a chance to get to know each other on a personal level. I also enjoyed this trip because we were able to meet people who came from Pickaway County and are making a difference on a national level.

In the immediate future, I am taking what I've learned about leadership and boards and applying it where I can in my current career. I am also looking forward to joining a couple boards related to developing the lives of young adults in Pickaway County.

--- Michelle Blanton

My favorite part of program was the trip to the state house and the grand finale of the Washington, D.C. trip. I enjoyed being that close to the day-to-day operations of the state and federal government. Furthermore, I recognized how they all entwine with the county at the local level.

--- Tracie Sorvillo

The Pickaway Leadership Fellowship was both very enjoyable and insightful. I learned several things throughout the entire fellowship. This includes proper board relationships and the social and economic issues from the local, state, and national level as well as many other things. This program allowed me to become a better leader and gain the knowledge to better understand the impact of leadership within a business, community and in personal life. My favorite portion of Leadership Fellows was the session with Mark Weaver and how to deal with issues within the public eye. Mr. Weaver had a great teaching approach for these issues along with many real life examples. The impact from this program will never end. Being a fellow has shown me the benefits of great leadership and the constant need for leadership in all aspects.

--- Mark Lightle

I applied for the program expecting to gain a greater understanding of the legislative process, network with political leaders, and learn to effectively communicate issues that would positively impact the services for people with disabilities. My favorite part of the program was the time spent at the Statehouse and in Washington DC. In my position as superintendent of the Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities, I am expected to meet with members of the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate. I may also be asked to contact Ohio's Congressional delegation to lobby on relevant legislative bills. This time spent with legislators, observing a legislative hearing and learning how to lobby gave me the insight to fulfill my responsibility as a leader. I now have the knowledge and confidence to take an active role on legislative issues.

This fellows program not only exceeded my expectations, it was my pleasure to meet the leaders of today and build friendships.

--- Mike Pelcic