What is Philanthropy?

“Philanthropy is about reinvesting our resources – our time, talent, skills, and experiences are treasures to be reinvested in the county so we can benefit generations decades in the future.”

~ Sereana Dresbach, community volunteer.

Community foundations are tax-exempt charitable organizations created by the people of a particular community to benefit the people of that particular community. They serve a vital role as an enabler of good works. They encourage individuals, families, organizations and companies to fund community activities in areas where donors live and work...in this case Pickaway County, Ohio.

  • There are nearly 700 community foundations across America with combined assets of more than $44.8 billion. Their combined annual grant making exceeds $3.2 billion.
  • Community foundations are a flexible, yet permanent collection of funds supported by a wide range of generous donors, families and businesses.
  • Community foundations provide donors with the most favorable charitable tax-deductions allowed by law, and promote effective grant making through deep knowledge of the communities they serve.