About Your Foundation

About the Pickaway County Community Foundation

There are hundreds of community foundations across the U.S. and most actively award grants that benefit their communities in a wide variety of ways. For many individuals, families, organizations and businesses, a community foundation is among the most desirable way to invest funds for a greater good, especially when their "investments" can help secure brighter futures and more satisfying lives for those living in their neighborhoods, towns, cities and counties.

So what about in your community foundation in Pickaway County?

Founded in 2001, the Pickaway County Community Foundation (PCCF) is still a relatively young organization but it already administers over 80 separately established funds approaching $10 million in total assets. Through grants that serve to reinforce, initiate and provide support for volunteer-based organizations, local charities, government agencies and communities at large, PCCF lends momentum, provides leadership and increases resources for a wide variety of programs and efforts. Included among its assets, one can identify scholarships, funds devoted to supporting Pickaway County recreational areas and the arts, homeless veterans assistance, charitable program support, organizational funding grants, and even a highly successful leadership training program within its Pickaway Competitiveness Network (PCN).

Governed by a local 12-member Board of Directors, PCCF believes that Pickaway County is significantly strengthened and living in our community invariably enriched through purposeful and meaningful philanthropy. Most of its funds have been made possible by the generosity and thoughtful consideration of local residents, families, individuals, businesses and organizations.

Focus and finish...be passionate for a worthwhile cause.

The Pickaway County Community Foundation enjoys a strong, mutually supportive partnership with The Columbus Foundation, which provides technical and investment services for PCCF. Among the largest community foundations in the United States, the assets of The Columbus Foundation have a market value exceeding more than $1.8 billion.

There are many reasons to select a community foundation for investing locally and many donations have been made to PCCF from within and outside the county. Perhaps the most important reasons, however, are that you, your family, organization or business can play a critical role in shaping opportunities, strengthening the resources available, and defining pathways for others to succeed and thrive in what we believe is a special community. It is one shaped largely from the hard work of its residents but bolstered by the inspiration and commitment of people who recognize Pickaway County's inherent qualities. Such passions have inspired many who have sought out the Pickaway County Community Foundation – an organization dedicated to enhancing a community through philanthropy.