Organizational Flow Chart

  • Pickaway County Community Foundation

    Pickaway County Community Foundation
    Founded in 2001, The Pickaway County Community Foundation (PCCF) administers a charitable endowment consisting of approximately 60 separately identified funds serving Pickaway County, Ohio.  The Foundation is a public charity governed by a twelve member board.  Under its umbrella of funds, the Foundation makes unrestricted grants to improve the quality of life in Pickaway County, manages a Youth Advisory Committee, and manages an endowment for the support of the Virginia Crites Hannan Park in Circleville, Ohio.

  • The Columbus Foundation

    The Columbus Foundation
    The Columbus Foundation was established in 1943 and holds assets in more than 1,800 charitable funds and 30 Supporting Foundations. Among more than 700 community foundations in the United States, The Columbus Foundation ranks ninth in market value of assets. The Columbus Foundation is nationally certified for its organizational and financial practices by the national Council on Foundations and is in compliance with national standards for US community foundations. In order to keep low overhead and operate at a high level, the Pickaway County Community Foundation partners with The Columbus Foundation to provide technical support and investment services.

  • Parks

    Located at 1230 Pontius Road, the Mary Virginia Crites Hannan Community Park is a 72 acre park owned by the City of Circleville. The land was purchased in 1996 and due to budget shortfalls, the park site was never fully developed. The Foundation led a private campaign to secure funding including a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to develop the land into the crown jewel of the City of Circleville park system. Over $2 million was raised as well as the establishment of a maintenance endowment fund.

    Due to the campaign, the park is now home to two shelter houses and the Starkey Pavilion, a four-season facility. The Park is also home to the county's only "Boundless Playground", a playground that was built to be accessible to all children, regardless of their developmental and physical abilities. Other features of the Park include a butterfly garden, a bird watching station and wetland, fire pit, a 1.2 mile paved trail, a wooded hiking, and a state of the art splash pad.

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  • Grants

    To support nonprofit organizations in the county, the Pickaway County Community Foundation awards competitive grants from its unrestricted funds. A committee of community leaders and volunteers helps the Foundation make decisions.

  • Youth Advisory Council

    Y.A.C. Youth Advisory Council
    Created in 2004, the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is the Pickaway County Community Foundation's youth philanthropy program. YAC consists of high school students representing all school districts in the county. YAC is dedicated to effective grantmaking, endowment building, leadership, and involving youth in the visioning and decision-making process in the county.

    Its mission is "to contribute to the well-being of Pickaway County youth through leadership, community service and financial support for the purposes of long term, sustainable improvements."

  • Pickaway Competitiveness Network

    The Pickaway Competitiveness Network (PCN)
    PCN is an effort organized and funded by the Pickaway County Community Foundation. Its mission is to enable Pickaway County to strengthen the county in terms of economic diversity, education, and public and private leadership. People from all walks of life–farmers, educators, public servants, business people, students, retirees and families–are part of PCN. To achieve its mission, PCN focuses on three areas: agriculture, education and leadership. Each area is supported by a Field of Interest fund which will be used to support programs and create initiatives that directly benefit Pickaway County residents.

  • Agriculture

    PCN is ensuring a strong agricultural future by attracting new and young farmers, helping current farmers maintain and transfer wealth within their families (and within the county) and enhancing the local agricultural economy.

    Areas of interest include:

    • Exploration of possible incentives for farmers to develop their products, assistance with the creation of business plans, and consideration of the possibility of micro loans
    • Development of funding sources for entrepreneurs to incubate start-ups and growth phases
    • Definition and focus on the emerging concept of community development venture capital
    • Educating Pickaway County about how strategically investing in agriculture is in the best interest of the county while remaining true to its founding heritage.
  • Education

    Lifelong learning is a mandate in the ever-changing environment of today's workplace. To stop learning is to stop growing and competing to be the best. PCN's Education Fund is designed to encourage excellence in the public
    schools of Pickaway County.

    Areas of interest include:

    • Development of permanent philanthropic support to attract, retain and train teachers who show exceptional promise
    • Support for all students through lifelong learning

    The PCN is taking on many of the most challenging issues in education today. It is striving to change the perception of education and demonstrate its long-term value while at the same time retaining those educated in Pickaway County. This is how the county will be prepared for tomorrow's jobs. Education and lifelong learning are the keys to a better tomorrow.

  • Leadership

    Leadership in Pickaway County – or any county, city or town – comes from many more places than those elected to public office. The impact of civic leadership is longer lasting because these citizen leaders are stewards of their community; they set and maintain a tone of ethics and values for a community, and they cultivate new leadership in an effort to make sure that the cycle continues with the next generation.

    Areas of interest include:

    • Development and implementation of a Pickaway County "fellows" program as a continuing leadership training program
    • Development of an inventory of county leadership opportunities to link leaders with existing opportunities

    As the cliché goes: "some leaders are born, others are made." PCN's leadership fund is dedicated to nurturing tomorrow's leaders so they are comfortable in decision making roles that ultimately help chart a course for Pickaway County's future success.